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Enhancing the Flexibility of the NGC™ Chromatography System: Addition of a Refractive Index Detector for Wine Sample Analysis

In this study, we present a chromatographic workflow for the quantitation of wine constituents using a Bio-Rad NGC Chromatography System equipped with an Aminex® HPX-87H HPLC Column. Chromatographic identification and quantitation of compounds in food substances often requires simultaneous monitoring of multiple optical signals, such as UV/Vis, refractive index, fluorescence, or light scattering. We demonstrate the ability of the NGC System to effectively integrate an external refractive index (RI) detector, in addition to the standard multi-wavelength UV detector that comes with the system. The integration of an RI detector can significantly expand the capabilities of the NGC System and could facilitate a wider adoption of chromatographic workflows in the food and biofuel industries. 

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