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Application of UNOsphere SUPrA™ Media, a New Protein A Affinity Chromatographic Support, for Both Laboratory-Scale and Industrial Antibody Purification 

Protein A affinity chromatography is a widely used approach for immunoglobulin purification. The relative low cost and high stability of the Protein A media compared to other options for IgG purification make them the most popular choice for antibody purification both at laboratory and industrial scales (Hober et al. 2007).

Bio-Rad's UNOsphere SUPrA affinity media is a recombinant Protein A resin developed for a wide range of research, development, and manufacturing applications where high binding capacity is required. UNOsphere SUPrA affinity media is built on the proven UNOsphere macroporous polymeric matrix. The media has a binding capacity of 25 to 30 mg/ml for IgG in batch mode or column chromatography at process-level flow rates (bulletin 5729). Importantly, UNOsphere SUPrA media has low nonspecific binding and very fast mass transfer properties, making it a flexible and effective tool for any affinity-based capture application. 

Here we demonstrate the use of UNOsphere SUPrA media in polyclonal and monoclonal antibody purification in both batch and column chromatography modes and at process-scale flow rates. 

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