Welcome to Future Lab

Technological advances are happening in the biological sciences faster than ever; new discoveries are being made that are quickly being translated into tools that speed the pace of your research. 

To help keep up with these changes, and to get a glimpse of the technologies that are on the horizon, Biocompare has developed Future Lab.  Future Lab is our newly designed information portal where we make it easier to learn about breakthrough technologies that will impact your research in an immersive content environment.  Here we speak with the people who are actively working on developing these technologies to give you a glimpse of what will be possible tomorrow. 

In addition to learning about the technologies to come, Future Lab is a great resource for learning about current products and services. We’ve curated articles, video and products to focus on specific research areas allowing you to take a deep dive into a given application.  

And because new technologies are always being developed, we will be constantly updating Future Lab.  So be sure and check in to keep tabs on the latest developments.